Most people do not know that an average American family of 4 throws out approximately $2300 a year in wasted food & beverage.

In addition to wasting our money, the food wastage impacts everyone as it drives up the cost to produce more food, making it less affordable for all.

Yesterday, there were 50 Million people in America who were hungry.

Tomorrow there will be more.

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Every few weeks after a big trip to the store we would open our fridge to make room for the new stuff we bought. We would end up finding and throwing out food that had gone bad because we bought too much and forgot about it, or we would find out that we forgot something; in many cases, it would be both. It was not until we ran into a homeless and hungry family on the street asking for some food for their children that we started feeling guilty about throwing away food that went bad or might have gone bad.

We started tracking this and realised that this happened a lot! Food still in its original packing had gone bad that we were throwing in the trash.

The idea behind the Consumely App was born to solve an issue that is systematic and bigger than us, in hopes that it will save us and others money while collectively making a larger impact.
Just got back from the store to find out that you were low on something else that you needed?

Consumely keeps track and tells you "what" you "need" to buy so that you can plan the "when" better and reduce your trips to the store
Store has a buy 4 loaves of bread for the price of 2 loaf deal? Not sure if you have enough Tomatoes at home?

Consumely keeps track and tells you "how much" you consume so that you dont buy more than you "need" or "over buy" and end up with stuff that goes bad.

Consumely also tells you when it thinks you are about to run out of something so that you can stock up on Toothpaste when its 70% off.
Consumely gives you a simple shopping list that you check your items off, it will even tell you how much you paid previously.

Stores always have specials! - If someone purchased an item that you have on your list at someother near-by store for less than what you paid last, it will tell you that too
Does that bike you purchased at your super store really fall in your "Grocery" budget? Wish you could separate out the toiletries from the meat and produce?

Consumely helps categorize the items that you buy so that you know how much you really spent on groceries vs non-grocery items so that the next time you buy 5000 thread count linens from the same place you buy milk, it wont blow your grocery budget
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